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Core - Powerful Data Elaboration

Cura believes in the power of data. Our symbol needs to reflect that we are a Data-Driven company. Our decision support tools that will augment the doctors by providing new evidence for medication efficacy.

Heart - Informed and Collaborative Medical Care

Cura wants to deliver the best possible human-driven care. Our symbol needs to reflect that we are Doctor Driven. The best doctors in every specialty are active partners in shaping of every new Cura applications.


Cura combines two sets of opposite concepts

Brand Story
Following Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs
The Voice
Visual Exploration

Exploring the Rod of Asclepius

Symbol Explorations

Shapes built by using the golden ratio

This exploration is called the Golden Snake. The medical symbol of the Rod of Asclepius made out of golden ratio shapes. It shows the accuracy and discipline of Cura. The design component is communicating through the careful selection of proportions and sizes of the circles.

Adding Data to the symbol

The medical symbol of the Rod of Asclepius made out of a continuous flux of data. The data moves in a spiral movement and is captured by the snake coiling around it. The design components are communicated through careful selection of proportions of the snake and the sizes of the squares.

Font Exploration

Omnes, Typeface Family by Daren Studio

The goal was to find an appropriate match between a style of letters and the specific social situation and body of content that define the company and its goals. Omnes meets the need for a rounded typeface, which is neither overly mannered nor excessively literal. Selective rounding adds subtle texture, while non-geometric forms pay homage to 19th-century rounded Grotesques. It’s that selective rounding and not-quite-geometric letterforms that aid in Omnes’ usefulness.
The middleweights are great for text, while the lighter and heavier weights can provide great contrast as headers or supplementary content. Additionally, changing up the styling can yield some exciting results. The lighter weights look great for a restrained or refined look, even more so with caps or italics thrown in. And the heavier weights can appear youthful and urgent.

Omnes’ personality doesn’t explode from the letterforms or shout for attention, but rather hides in plain sight as subtle accents and unexpected curves. Notice how the little details give it just an extra nudge toward something more significant than its parts: the way the characters have a subtle curve to the ends of the terminals. This movement is an elongation from the shape and gesture of the snake in the Rod of Asclepius.
Final Logo

“The Snake of Asclepius”

This logotype is the central element in Cura’s visual communications system. Through consistent and repetitive uses as a signature device and design element in all Cura’s visual communications. The logo becomes a visual shorthand that identifies the Company and symbolically embodies its activities, achievements, and goals.
This design intention is to show how Cura is making the current, traditional Healthcare practice moving to a new process using digital tools, and making this method a new standard. The use of warm colors has the vocation to break out from the usual color palette in healthcare, often using blue or green shades.

Cura Logo is composed of a Logotype and a Symbol. The Symbol itself is composed of two elements. The Snake of Asclepius and a flux of Data Bits. The data bits move in a spiral movement and is captured by the snake coiling around.


Grayscale is the collection or the range of monochromic (gray) shades, ranging from pure white on the lightest end to pure black on the opposite end. Grayscale only contains luminance (brightness) information and no color information; that is why maximum luminance is white, and zero luminance is black; everything in between is a shade of gray. That is why grayscale images contain only shades of gray and no color. Grayscale is also known as achromatic. The normal greyscale reproduction is suitable for use on light backgrounds without modification.


Sometimes, often due to production costs, only one color of ink is available, and so OSI Logo must be reproduced using only one color. In this scenario, the logo, logotype, or symbol must be used following the convention of using a light color type on a dark background or in a dark color type on a light background. The logotype and/or symbol outline must be distinguishable from the background color.
Brand Collaterals