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What is Curatech?

Curatech is the first Cloud-based Smart Clinical Assistant. Unlike other EMRs Cura provides modern speciality apps that doctors actually want to use. The smart applications ensure faster and thorough data collection, error reduction and guided prescription of evidence-based care plans (machine learning driven).

The Mission

Provide the highest efficiency in clinical care to achieve the best health outcomes for patients while dramatically increasing the doctor and patient's human-touch time.

How We do It

Focus first on the doctors' needs, and co-create with them medically sophisticated applications that are intuitive, efficient, and powerful.

My Role
In Cura my role is to translate data and medical knowledge received from doctors into user-friendly healthcare applications for multiple platforms (tablet, mobile, and web). I solely handle all the company's visual aspects, from UI, personalized iconography, and technical/medical illustrations to developing the complete brand identity. I'm in charge of creating and maintaining a systemic library of our products' assets and components. A big part of my role is collaborating with the developers closely to deliver requirements, documentation, and design specifications.

Authentication Queue

The Authentication Queue is meant for the users (Doctors, Nurses, Educators) to log in by tapping on their card.

Patient Queue

The user can visualize and organize all the registered patients in the Health center. By tapping on the card of a patient, we access the Patient's details.


The Dashboard displays every information that a medical staff will need to see at first glance. It also serves as a point of entry to access more in detail each section/card.

Physical Exam

Gathers all the information that a Doctor will get during a physical examination of the patient.

Current Medications - Timeline

In that timeline, the medical staff can better observe a drug treatment across time that the patient is taking.


The graph makes it possible to visualize the sugar monitoring of a patient across time.

Impression & Treatment

The I&T section's purpose is to summarize each section and allow the doctor to prescribe medications to the patient.