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Virtual Care


Cura Virtual Care is a web platform that nurses use to be the bridge between patients and doctors. Specifically designed to manage diabetic patients. At the same time, patients are using a mobile application to send their sugar readings and other useful information. The nurses can directly take care of high and low sugar alerts, but if the situation requires a doctor's help, they can instantly share the alert to the doctor's application.

From iPad to Web and Mobile

The Virtual Care application is used in a web browser
to make large scale deployment more accessible by hospitals

Nursing Application
The nursing application's primary goal is to provide nurses with a platform that helps them have a better follow up on diabetic patients. The nurses can input sugar readings and other data required. The nurses have access to individualized patient details to provide customized care. If a doctor's point of view is needed, the nurses can send alerts to the tablet application.
Patient Application
After equipping doctors and nurses with applications, we needed to add the last piece of the puzzle in the loop of communication. With this mobile application, the patients are in constant contact with medical staff. They can input and send their sugar readings. Receive medical advice in case of Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia episodes. The patients have access to their prescriptions through the application to take a step forward in a paper-free scenario.